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RolleiMIOPS Capsule PRO Pan Motor
price offer399,00 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Slider+Rollei Video MIOPS Slider+
RolleiSlider +
price offer338,00 € Regular price449,00 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
RolleiMIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
price offer118,00 € Regular price249,99 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Smart Plus inkl. Akku sowie USB- & Blitz-AnschlusskabelRollei Video MIOPS Smart Plus inkl. Akku sowie USB- & Blitz-Anschlusskabel
RolleiMIOPS Smart Plus incl. Battery
price offer169,00 € Regular price249,99 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Remote Plus inkl. USB KabelRollei Video MIOPS Remote Plus inkl. USB Kabel
RolleiMIOPS Remote Plus
price offer88,00 € Regular price149,99 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Turntable für Capsule360Rollei Video MIOPS Turntable für Capsule360
RolleiMIOPS Turntable for Capsule Pan Motor
price offer68,00 € Regular price79,00 €
Rollei Video MIOPS L-Bracket für Capsule360Rollei Video MIOPS L-Bracket für Capsule360
RolleiMIOPS L-Bracket for Capsule Tilt Motor
price offer68,00 € Regular price99,00 €
RolleiMIOPS extension cable
price offer19,99 €
RolleiMIOPS lightning cable
price offer19,99 €
Rollei Video MIOPS Mobile Dongle inkl. AnschlusskabelRollei Video MIOPS Mobile Dongle inkl. Anschlusskabel
RolleiMIOPS Mobile Dongle connection cable
price offer38,00 € Regular price39,99 €


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Miops - the secret of amazing recordings
Even professional photographers and filmmakers occasionally ask themselves how their colleagues managed to take a particularly spectacular shot. The most famous and probably also the oldest example from photography is the photographed drop of water. How is it possible with water drop photography to synchronize the shutter speed of the camera, the triggering of the flashes and the falling of the water drop so that a sharp photo is created?

The secret lies, at least in today's world, in the technology. The tools from the Miops series are the ideal helpers for high-speed recordings of all kinds. In connection with the Miops app, it is easier than ever to make extraordinary recordings. The practical camera trigger is equipped with several trigger modes and thus automatically detects, for example, when a lightning bolt illuminates the night sky. Gone are the days when people tried to use long exposures to capture lightning.

From time lapse to light barrier

The innovative camera triggers not only recognize sudden light sources, but can also be programmed in such a way that they recognize the interruption of a light barrier. This makes it possible to correctly capture and photograph a falling object on the first attempt. Of course, the triggers from the Miops series can also be used for a variety of other applications. In this way, photographers can determine exactly how many pictures should be taken within a certain time window. Professional time-lapse recordings can be made with it without any problems.

Timelapse recordings in a new quality

Anyone who has always asked themselves the question of what is a roadlapse will not only find the solution thanks to Miops, but can now also create such special timelapse recordings themselves. In the case of a roadlapse, the camera is permanently mounted inside, usually behind the windshield. The camera trigger is set so that it takes a picture every few seconds. In the later digital post-processing, the photos can later be put together so that they result in a short video of the distance covered. The same principle is also used for hikes, balloon rides or sightseeing flights.

What do I need for good tracking shots?

A good tracking shot is characterized by its steady speed and linear acceleration. Handheld it is hardly possible to imitate the look of a professional tracking shot. Miops also offers the right solution for this. Powerful swivel motors, turntables and the Miops Slider + are all it takes to get to the desired destination. With a slider, videographers make precise recordings from the movement and, in conjunction with the time lapse, completely new insights can be gained.

Macro photographers also benefit from the precise operation of a Miops slider. It has never been easier to achieve consistent image sharpness using focus stacking. The focal plane, i.e. the sharp area in the image, is shifted piece by piece. This makes it easier to work with larger apertures. The individual recordings then only have to be automatically merged.

- automatic detection of light flashes
- ideal for water drop and macro photography
- precise setting options thanks to sliders and reliable motors
- easy operation with the Miops app
- robust and handy
- perfect time-lapse and roadlapse recordings