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The Lumis series in practical testing by Marina Radon

Die Lumis-Serie im Praxistest von Marina Radon

In the Wedding and couple photography it's about creatively capturing special moments and the unique relationship between two people. Marina Radon is a photographer who has been working in this field for more than a decade and has since made a name for herself with her calm and personal imagery. In order to make her vision of rustic, yet clean images come true during a specially and long-planned shoot in a castle in South Tyrol, she uses ours LUMIS stick lights.


The variety of scenes, poses and setups proves to be ideal LUMIS series to put it through its paces.

Who is Marina and what constitutes her work as a photographer?

Maybe Marina is Radon, which many are under her Label Marina Photography know, already known to one or two readers, after all it is more detailed below described Shooting for the second collaboration with her. Marina's photography is characterized by a calmness that... Couple and wedding photos ensures a particularly natural impression.


The professional and experienced photographer, who is booked for events in Germany and abroad, has been using Rollei products for a long time. In their opinion, these are characterized by their robustness, the low weight, the easy handling and your longevity out of. Since Marina prefers to go with me Available Light works or when using artificial light the impression of natural light that proves to be the case LUMIS I-Light RGB and the other lights of the LUMIS series as ideal for their unmistakable photographic style.


The LUMIS bar lights were used in these setups

Since the shoot at the historic Bellermont Castle in South Tyrol was a precisely coordinated project in which a team of several people had to be directed, Marina deliberately used one LUMIS Glow RGB and other variants from the popular series. Due to the vastness of the area, there wasn't much time for each setup, so all the devices and thus also the used artificial light had to be relied upon.

The first set The shooting took place at the castle pool. Here were two stick lights combined and additional copies were hidden behind the wooden partitions on the left and right to create a natural-looking, accentuated lighting to guarantee.


It was in the elegant knight's hall second set, the table setting. The photographer simply placed these on the table top in a combination of three. thanks to the precise control The lights created a timeless porcelain effect on the decorative flowers, which were illuminated from below.


Also in third setting Marina intervened LUMIS I-Light back. She held this in her hand and was able to direct the light onto the motif individually and quickly, so-called Highlights to create.


The wedding photographer's conclusion about the LUMIS I-Lights and the LUMIS Glow RGB

Marina is completely satisfied with the results and proud that the pictures speak for themselves. They were particularly impressed easy to use, the compact size and that low weight of the two lights.


For example, you can easily find one LUMIS I-Light RGB bar light in the camera bag and can be used due to the installed batteries be used at any time. Marina is also excited about the fact that several LUMIS I-Lights can be installed in just a few steps if necessary connect with each other leave it if it needs a little more light for illumination. This means you can turn a mini flashlight into a light in just a few seconds big lightstick conjured.

Marina wants this in the future LUMIS I-Light RGB due to the practical lighting effects not only for their photo settings, but also increasingly when creating them short videos use.

You too are with the LUMIS I-Light RGB become creative? Then feel free to tag us using the hashtag #rolleicreate on Instagram and Facebook. We are very excited about yours Results.


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