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David Mecey at Guido Karp's photo workshop

David Mecey Shooting

Professional photographer Guido Karp organizes his photo workshop Masterclass: Los Angeles every year, during which 16 photographers accompany him to his secret hideaways for a week. Also attending this time was his longtime friend David Mecey from Las Vegas, who is known for his many photographs for Playboy magazine. Mecey was accompanied by a video camera during his shoot, which he did with Rollei flashes.t.

In the video, which, as Guido Karp reports with amusement, takes place in an untidy garage, Mecey says how enthusiastic he is about theRollei Blitzen is. Of course, he also explains his light setup, flashing the model with the Rollei beauty dish from the front left to bring an idea of light to the face.

He also installed a total of three additional flashes from Rollei with standard reflectors on the set. One that flashes at the model from the back right and lightens the hair a bit. Another one behind the model in an old Rolls Royce, which illuminates the sky of the car and another one, who flashes at the model from the back left and stands particularly tall.

David Mecey also uses a useful gadget for his shoot, a so-called hoodloupe (called a display magnifier in German). This allows him to block out light when he is looking at his photos on the camera display in bright light and also wants to enlarge the image..

David Mecey beim Foto-Workshop

In the video, Mecey smilingly expresses his enthusiasm for Rollei flashes when he says: They really blow my mind. You should too Rollei flashes to have. If you have the chance, then buy it. Of course, we are very happy about such praise and send greetings to Las Vegas..

Gear by David Mecey:


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