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Light redefined-with the new rolling agency constant light series Lux

Licht neu definiert – mit der neuen Rollei Dauerlicht-Serie LUX

Light redefined-with the new rolling agency constant light series Lux

Rollei shows with the introduction of the LED permanent light series LUX Again, competence in lighting technology by presenting a combination of extremely compact design and impressive performance. The highlights of the series, that Lux 60 RGB and that Lux 100 Bi color, impress with 60 or 100 watts Performance, stepless brightness and a compact design that fits in every pocket. They also offer lighting effects, Ultra-quiet activated cooling and high Color loyalty. The simple control by remote control or Smartphone app Makes the lights the first choice for both the Content creation as well as for beginners in the world of LED lichen lights. The series is supplemented by practical accessories such as Softbox, Strap and one approved for air travel Batter, perfect for use.


Norderstedt, April 10th, 2024. Rollei presents with the introduction of its new LED permanent light series LUX once more your own expertise in terms of lighting technology. This series stands for versatility and mobilitythat elegantly connects a compact shape with powerful functionality. The Lux series offers professional and at the same time accessible lighting solutions for Content creation And the start of the use of LED lichen lights.

At the center of this innovative series there are two permanent light models: the Lux 60 RGB and that Lux 100 Bi color. Both are presented with exciting, separately available accessories. Including a Softbox, a Strap and a Batterto maximum flexibility and mobility to ensure on the go.

The Lux 60 RGB, impresses with its impressive adaptability and performance. It enables one Stepless brightness adjustment, can 360 different RGB colors generate and offer an adjustable Color temperature, to create the perfect lighting in every situation. For those who are looking for even more performance, that is Lux 100 Bi color The ideal choice. It convinces with 100 watts power, stepless brightness regulation and more adjustable Color temperature. Despite their powerful functions, both models are amazing light and compact, with dimensions of only 15.7 x 4.3 x 9.3 centimeters and a weight of 345 grams without accessories.

For unsurpassed mobility the extremely compact lights can not only be operated with a power cable. The Lux battered price 99 Wh enables the operation with a capacity of 6,600 milliamers hours And is even approved for air travel. A compatible Softbox, optimized for travel with a diameter of 30 centimeters, and a new one Strap The offer round off for safe transport and rapid use.

The models also offer creative lighting effects, with 13 options at the Lux 60 RGB and 10 at Lux 100 Bi color, expanded in both devices with a Ultral trip activated cooling, to avoid disorders in audio recordings. Video recordings benefit from the high Color loyalty with a CRI from 97 and authentic colors thanks to one TLCI value of 98. The operation is intuitively available via a separately available remote control Or the free Smartphone app "Candela | Lux Led" for iOS and Android.

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Rollei constant light series Lux
Rollei constant light series Lux
Rollei constant light series Lux