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Rollei  |  SKU: 20140

Candela 330 Bi-Color

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Product highlights

🔸 330 watts: Continuous brightness control from 0 to 100%
🔸 Bi-Color: Adjustable color temperature from 2,700 - 6,500 K
🔸 Ultra-compact & lightweight: Only 29.9 x 12.8 x 23.2 cm and 2.07 kg
🔸 Dual power supply: battery or mains operation
🔸 Smart operation: Control via iOS app or separate remote control

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Candela 330 Bi-Color from Rollei

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Any questions? We have the answer!

What does the indication of illuminance mean?

Illuminance is a measure of the amount of light falling on a specific area. It indicates how much light (luminance) hits a specific surface and is measured in the unit lux (lx). One lux corresponds to one lumen per square meter (lm/m²). Conceptually, you can think of illuminance as the “density of light” on a surface. For example: If a light source emits exactly 1000 lumens of light and this light is evenly distributed over an area of ​​1 square meter, then this area has an illuminance of 1000 lux. However, if the same light were distributed over 2 square meters, the illuminance would be 500 lux.

What is the difference between the Candela series and the other series of LED continuous lights?

The Candela series offers COB permanent lights from the professional segment. With their innovative technology, the permanent lights are particularly bright and efficient. In addition, their design allows them to be put together. They can also be controlled via an app. The VIBE continuous light series offers panel LEDs of the latest technology, which can also be controlled via an app. The LUMIS series again offers small and compact LED permanent lights that cannot be controlled via app.

How do I connect the remote control for candela steady lights to the steady light?

To pair the remote control with the LED steady light, follow the following steps: a. Turn on the lamp and select the wireless connection mode to the remote control by pressing the SET button until “TELE-CTRL” appears in the Bluetooth (BT) menu. b. Next, press and hold the SET button until the wireless connection status icon flashes in the top left column of the lamp screen. The steady light switches to pairing mode. c. First press the turntable on the remote control briefly and then for 3-4 seconds. The control begins to match the lamp. d. After the wireless connection shows on the display as “TELE-CTRL PAIRED”, release the turntable and the lamp and remote control have been successfully paired.

Can I also operate the Candela 330 Bi-Color with a battery?

Yes, that is possible. For this you need a V-mount battery and the V-mount adapter for Candela 220/330 (item number 20158). Note that the Candela 330 Bi-Color achieves half performance with a 14.8 - 16.8 V V-mount battery and full performance with a 26.8 - 33.0 V V-mount battery can.

How do I connect the Candela continuous light to the Candela LED app?

a. Download the app directly from the App Store or GooglePlay Store (app not yet available for Android) (iOS 9.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later). b. Activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone. c. Turn on the candela light. d. Then go to the Bluetooth® menu on your light by briefly pressing the SET button. Then press the SET button and choose between connecting to the app (APP) or the remote control (TELE-CTRL). Select APP. e. Turn on Bluetooth (BT) by pressing and holding the SET button on the desired option. The radio symbol appears at the top left of the display and “Paired” appears in the display. f. Open the Candela LED app and create a new scene using the “+”. G. Click “Add Device,” then “New Device,” and then select the device you want to connect to. H. Click “Add to Scene” and select the light you want. The light is added and can be controlled via the app. i. If a connection is not established immediately, select the device again as described in steps g and h and press the SET button on the device at the same time. Repeat this step until the devices are connected.

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