How does the program work?

The Rollei partner program is aimed at photographers, videographers, content creators, bloggers and influencers who use Rollei products and would like to recommend them to their readers, viewers and followers. A platform is required for this, where the partner can integrate the partner links after activation. A Paypal account is required to participate in the affiliate program and the following payments.

You should become our partner, because you can receive 5% of the order value as a commission from every successfully placed order. So feel free to share your belief in our products with other people.

As part of the registration for the Rollei partner program, in addition to the links to the social media, the full name and address are required to create the transfer order. For the transfer and credit, an email address for the Paypal account is also required, as this is currently used for the payment. All data is stored in accordance with data protection regulations.

As a partner, you have the option of directing your readers, viewers or followers to a specific Rollei product or campaign via a partner web link. These links can be installed on a blog, YouTube video or, for example, on Instagram. In addition, predefined banners can be used, which advertise a campaign or new product, for example.

As a partner, you are not obliged to use the graphics provided. If used, however, the partner undertakes not to change these graphics afterwards. If an important format is missing, please let us know. The same applies when mistakes are made. We would be happy to adapt the graphics accordingly.

We are currently working on this. Our goal is for partners to receive information about promotions or new products in advance by email.

The partner program currently only applies to and is not available for

We'll take care of that for you: just give us a Let us know and we will change the affiliate link accordingly for you.

The affiliate program only works for purchases in our online shop.

How is the payment made?

From each successful order, the partner in the program receives 5% of the order amount that was received via the partner link. A payout takes place after 15 days but at the latest at the end of the month, since any possible return should be taken into account up to the time of the payout.

At Rollei there are no costs for participation in the partner program. Within the framework of the partner program, the partner must take care of the correct tax handling independently. In addition, Rollei is not responsible if the partner fails to advertise accordingly in social media.

As a partner, you will not receive any free products or test samples from Rollei unless otherwise discussed in advance as part of a cooperation.

problems & contact

After registration, your data will be checked and your profile will be activated. However, we reserve the right at any time not to activate a registration.

If you have any questions, please write to