Praxis-Check mit Stephan Wiesner: Der überarbeitete Rollei Wireless Fernauslöser

Praxis-Check mit Stephan Wiesner: Der überarbeitete Rollei Wireless Fernauslöser

In der spannenden Welt der Fotografie ist Innovation der Schlüssel zu immer besseren Ergebnissen. Deshalb haben wir den Profi-Fotografen Stephan Wiesner gefragt, ob er unseren unseren weiterentwickelte Wireless Fernauslöser auf Herz und Nieren testen möchte.
Die Rollei action one im Praxistest beim Windsurfen

The Rollei action one in a practical test while windsurfing

Despite his young age, the athlete Nick Spangenberg from Kassel is already one of the German greats in windsurfing . He became known because he sent his first windsurfing travel reports to magazines at the age of twelve. He regularly inspires his subscribers on social media with photos and film material from competitions and practice drives.
Mit diesem Tool gelingt Ihnen die Makro-Fotografie garantiert!

With this tool you are guaranteed to succeed in macro photography!

Macro photography inspires more and more professional, but also amateur photographers who dare to approach the next photo millimeter by millimeter. The most popular motifs include insects, water drops, mushrooms and lichens. These things are hardly visible to the naked eye, which explains the macro photographer's passion. He loves to capture such habitats on photos and to create a very special scene for the viewer.
Profi-Fotograf Stephan Wiesner nimmt das neue iPhone 14 Pro unter die Lupe

Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner takes a close look at the new iPhone 14 Pro

In order to take a close look at the new product highlight from Apple, professional photographer Stephan Wiesner went to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in search of various shooting opportunities. In order to be able to flexibly capture different motifs, he reports which new functions of the smartphone were convincing and which photo accessories he used.
Foto-Stacking in der Natur: Makroschlitten im Praxistest

Photo stacking in nature:macro slides in practice

Why the macro slide offers many advantages for precise shots and how you can use it to capture breathtaking moments that are otherwise not so often seen with the naked eye; The nature and landscape photographer Florian Kunde got to the bottom of these questions in a collaboration with us. For the launch of our macro slide, he had the opportunity to put it through its paces.
Tarnung in der Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Camouflage in wildlife photography with the Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Nature and animal photography is one of the photographic disciplines that demands the most from photographers. Great patience, endurance in the heat or cold, and expensive equipment are integral parts of wildlife photography. The nature photographer Mario Genz, who lives on the island of Rügen, is happy to take on these hurdles and is rewarded with amazing shots of local wild animals.
Jeder möchte das perfekte Food-Bild: <br>So geht’s!

Everyone wants the perfect food picture:
That's how it's done!

In cooperation with us, the two food photographers Sebastian and Mabel were given the opportunity to put the products to a practical test for the launch of the Lumen Studio 150 LED permanent light and the C5i macro aluminum tripod . Both products completely convinced the hobby cooks and made it much easier for them to take their photos and videos. Aesthetic and artistically arranged photos are essential, especially for Instagram!
Ansitz-Fotografie mit dem Lion Rock Gimbal L

Hide photography with the Lion Rock Gimbal L

In a cooperation with Rollei, photographer Daniel Spohn had the opportunity to test the tripod head Lion Rock gimbal head L in practice. In this article you can find out how the photographer went about his work and what experiences he had with the Lion Rock tripod head.
Lightpainting und glühende Lava: atemberaubende Aufnahmen eines Naturspektakels!

Light painting and glowing lava:breathtaking shots of a natural spectacle!

Photographer Olaf Schieche was able to realize the dream of a photograph that combines light painting elements with the impressive shots of a volcano that has just erupted. Schieche was able to photograph this unique and unprecedented artistic work in spring 2021 thanks to the high level of volcanic activity in Iceland.